...home inspections from the ground up

​​​TREC# 21282



​     When buying or selling a home it is important to know exactly what to expect.  As a professional home inspector, I will thoroughly inspect every major aspect and component of the property, from foundation to roof, to give you the knowledge necessary to make the right choice in your investment.


     As a buyer, having your potential property professionally inspected may expose any deficiencies that exist, possibly saving you thousands of dollars in repair costs.  As a seller, an inspection can shed light on any repairs needed to make your property more appealing to potential buyers, possibly increasing your home's over all value.

Inspections include a visual examination of the following systems:

     •Structural                              •Appliances

     •Electrical                               •Landscape Irrigation (Sprinklers)

     •HVAC                                      •Pools

     •Plumbing                               •Private Sewage (Septic)