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...home inspections from the ground up



         Since my first job I knew I wanted 3 things out of a career: to be my own boss, to work with houses in some way, and to end each day with a sense of accomplishment.  I came across the profession of home inspections by looking for potential real estate investment properties with my dad.  We were looking for houses to fix up and hired an inspector to give us an idea of possible repairs.  I was fascinated by the whole process of inspecting a house and as soon as I could, completed the core training required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.  Now licensed and insured, I have been working for myself, continuing my education, and growing both my business and experience level.     

     As a home owner I know how exciting (and overwhelming) buying a house can be!  I know firsthand the frustrations of unforeseen repairs and just how quickly those repairs add up!  I can't think of a better way to put my experience and passion to use than by helping others avoid those costly mistakes.  No house is perfect, but I hope I can be a part of the team that helps you find the perfect house for you.

     Thank you for checking out Ladley Home Inspections.  I look forward to meeting you and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call!

                                                                       -Melanie Ladley